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Steak Champ

The perfect steak It all began in 2011 with the idea of the "perfect steak". The first wireless meat thermometer, which is also suitable for grilling, was invented in order to achieve the optimum core temperature. Today, Steak Champ develops unique and high-quality products for the perfect steak at fair prices between Munich and the edge of the Alps.

The idea generators, challengers and co-developers work professionally in the kitchens of large steakhouses, are grill masters or meat experts. All products are created out of a passion for innovation and high product benefit and are designed by international designers. The innovation is also evident in sustainability: since the end of 2019, for example, the handle scales of the knives have been made from Ocean Bound Plastic; no other kitchen or barbecue brand used this material before Steak Champ. For this achievement, they were awarded the German Innovation Award in 2022.