• «We combine top-quality articles with first-rate logistics.»
    «We combine top-quality articles with first-rate logistics.»


You can’t make something out of nothing; in other words, there are good reasons why e + h Services AG has become the leading Swiss commercial enterprise for selected brand-name articles. Long waiting times are non-existent, if you order today, the article will be delivered within 48 hours maximum, by lorry or post. This service is made possible by cutting edge logistics facilities, our high bay warehouse and our large warehouse. You may rest assured that we work reliably and professionally.

We assist our clientele with a tailor-made marketing and communications mix and are pleased to contribute to making it even stronger. This is why we also have a product management centre in Däniken, which is very oriented towards brands and brand-name quality and is professional and modern.

More than 800 partner suppliers and brand-name producers have confidence in us. There are good reasons for this.